1 gentle bamboo microfiber, 3 patterns to choose from. Click!


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Lovely; lovely


✔In order to cover the baby, or take it with you when it is born.

✔To milk or speak quietly

✔To protect your clothes: super absorbent, it dries quickly.

✔To protect the baby from the sun

✔The ideal is to give him a blanket.

Bamboo foam is a kind of material to take care of young parents: like it from birth! Page: 1

This 120 cm × 120 cm square is made of cotton and bamboo fiber, super absorbent.

When you are a great mother, we start from day one! We use it again and again From the first child to the last child Grandma adopted one to protect herself

"That's a good idea. Autumn, around the neck, is a good idea!"

Leonore craque, baby love it!

70% bamboo fiber

30% organic cotton


Today, a better world begins,

With the heart

And bamboo!

Thank you, kid Page: 1



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