Bamboo cotton menstrual sucker


  • €15,90

Liestrual scuttle in Bamboo.

Ready to live your rules freely while saving?

✔️ To forget the buffers and disposable towels!

✔️Support the moon cup!

✔️Ensure the unexpected arrival of your rules!

Black model BACK AGAIN! In stock!


95% bamboo cotton and 5% spandex, a material that breathes and lasts. Menstrual panties are washable and remain faithful for a long time.

1. soak the panties in cold water to dissolve the blood

2. wash your panties with soap or machine.


Effectiveness: Absorption capacity equivalent to 1 buffer.  

Comfortable:The soft, breathing bamboo fibre ensures you an absorption quality and ideal comfort. Forget about that you have your rules!

Zero waste:avoids you throwing away your buffers and towels every month. The menstrual panties can be used over and over.

Abordable:We have been offering you the expertise of a bamboo factory since 1983, based in China, where bamboo grows.

Léonore's opinion:

"What are we expecting from a menstrual panties? Comfort and efficiency!With bamboo, we get an amazing absorption capacity, and an elastic slip that doesn't serve too much. Plus we avoid waste. Adorable and affordable! Come on, zhu for bamboo!”

New: Large sizes available!

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