Sponge: the best skin!


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Konjac natural fiber can be easily deep cleaned

Simple gestures

The best virtue is in nature

This sponge is necessary for a thorough cleaning! Page: 1

Natural or activated carbon impregnant: Twice as effective for fresh and healthy skin Konjac's sponge is compostable and activated carbon is an antibacterial agent with many qualities.

Japanese use Konya sponge

For hundreds of years


✔️For the baby's skin
✔️Keep a face free of impurities
✔️Win a smooth face
✔️Meeting the challenges of aging


Suggestions for use:

  • Copy this website code to your website to set up a voting box on your website. It cleans the pores and keeps the skin fresh.
  • Keep the sponge in a dry and fresh place. If your bathroom is wet, please keep your sponge in the refrigerator.
  • After two to three months of use, sponges begin to change their texture, and now it's time to change the texture.
  • You can spell your sponge with the earth.

Material Science: Natural fiber or activated carbon impregnated fiber

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