Bamboo and wood Sunglasses


  • €29,90

She and he carved Sunglasses out of bamboo and wood!

Do you hate plastic?

☀Choose these unique small glasses, they can effectively protect you from ultraviolet and ultraviolet radiation!

  • Through their internal screw system, they stay in place without branching away from wear: you can keep them on your nose or head.
  • Smoke, bamboo and wood dyed with a moist color, suitable for all carp.
  • In addition, bamboo and wood, soft and strong, give it feather weight: you can forget them, and more importantly, when you remove them, you avoid a harmful mark.
  • Not to mention that they emphasize your commitment to the environment 🌎 

It's always you lovely Page: 1

Leonore likes green, his boyfriend likes black, everyone has his own style! 😍

868181 technical characteristics;

For her and him! Page: 1 Total width of glasses 142 mm
flower receptacle Ultraviolet camera
height 49 mm
width 60 mm

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