My bamboo toothbrush - its storage box


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The two together, it's obvious!

Leonore likes to leave with her toothbrush in her bag.

She offers this combo toothbrush and case for an unequivocal return to the source.

Once caught in the mouth, we don't go back to the plastic.

And that's all the better.

Bamboo is durable, anti-bacterial, pleasant in hand.

Leonore advises you to slide a square of P.Q. at the bottom of your toothed glass to prevent the wood from going into the water. As they say in Switzerland.

This will prevent it from getting damaged prematurely. Because this toothbrush lasts as long as an ordinary toothbrush.

And soon, the ordinary will be made of bamboo, and plastic will be banned. Or almost.

And that's all the better.

Leonore loves to feel that you too want to reconnect man and nature.

1 bamboo storage box and its toothbrush, special ephemeral offer like an autumn leaf