Bamboo - cotton, pretty MoonSoon in batch of 4.


  • €31,90

MoonSoon Midi is also available in Bamboo and Cotton. 

New Design!

Comfort and efficiency.
✔️For perfect hygiene ✔To take care of yourself...
...  ✔️and the planet

Size: 24 cmComes in batches of 4.

2 buttons to fit your underwear.

During this period, unique like all of us, a soft towel designed not to slip on the panties, adapts to all situations.



It's time to take care of yourself and the planet!

Cleaning: Soaking in cold water to dissolve the blood, you can switch your MoonSoon to the washing machine at 40 degrees max to keep its qualities well or a hand wash. To remove stubborn stains, use soda percarbonate. Extremely efficient and environmentally safe.

It is best to use an organic mild soap.

Bamboo is a very absorbent material, these towels are also suitable for a large flow. Naturally anti-microbial, you will feel safe and avoid bad odors.


✓Respected intimacy

Quick drying

 ✓Reduced odours


Take care of yourself and the planet

Forget itchemical products full of unsyemly for our intimate care

➩ Forget the fungus, the feelings of discomfort!


Small gestures are useless?

False    ➩    They reduce our plastic impact



Nature, it's time to take inspiration from it 🌙

Wash your MoonSoon before the first use. 

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