Activated carbon

Bamboo charcoal
full of benefits!
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Bamboo charcoal, which, let's remember, comes from one of the plants that has the best ecological balance, is a real leader in the face of bad odors :
it purifies the air and regulates moisture.
In your home, your car, your fridge, or your shoes.

Trumps full the bag !

It's so simple to be comfortable...

The bag of 100gr
In bag
To hang everywhere!
The shoe format
In elongated sachet
Hop! in the sneakers!
activated carbon!
I love it!
I want them!

Tired of bad smells?

The solution is in the bag!

  • Absorbs bad odors (perfect for sneakers)
  • Regulates humidity (ideal for the fridge)
  • Purifies the atmosphere (one for the auto, one for the salon...)

I'm going into Eco mode!

We use home fragrances stuffed with fine particles and pchiit pchiit that do not sanitize the atmosphere at all, they cover odors and that's it. Leaving behind a fine rain of chemicals that no one has an interest in tasting.
Bamboo Charcoal has no smell, either, but it fights stale air and bad smells due to moisture. It ingests the bacteria responsible for bad odors and captures them in its micropores. If your interior is too wet, it also handles this aspect. If it is too dry, it gives you the necessary moisture to guarantee you an optimal environment.

Fantastic, bamboo, isn't it?

You already know the bamboo toothbrush?

She is cabbage, and her hair is impregnated with bamboo charcoal.

There is also one for children.

Why not start by changing your habits?
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An elegant design for a perfect grip! Léonore falls for bamboo! Enjoy an equally crunchy price...
Round: an easy grip for small tips! Leonore promises you more colors soon.
A minimalist design for a smooth efficiency thanks to the fineness of its bristles.
Love is in the bathroom.


Bamboo is the ideal friend of an oral hygiene respectful of your teeth.... and the environment.
  • Rich in silica, it strengthens teeth
  • Anti-bacterial, it fights against bad breath
  • Whitens teeth, cleans coffee and tobacco stains
  • Respects enamel
You can use it daily, unlike baking soda, it has no abrasive effect.
Just dip your toothbrush into the charcoal and brush your teeth as usual. Use without moderation, it does not damage the enamel of your teeth.