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The indispensable square of gauze, yes!

Bamboo muslin; )

Because it's so much sweeter.

Baby loves it! (And the cat too).

In different sizes, for all occasions, whether:

✓At home

on a walk, to shelter it, to protect it, to play

to swaddle any newborn baby

to change it unexpectedly on a highway area!

to breastfeed

You will always take it with you.


➪ Ideal in the grass, in the stroller, for breastfeeding, and with such crunchy patterns, it's not worth hesitating very long.

Bamboo Fibers

An ecological assessment more suited to our planet:

  • Bamboo grows without fertilizer or pesticide.
  • Absorbs a large amount of CO2.
  • Releases 3x more oxygen than an ordinary tree.
  • It grows fast and multiplies to infinity.
  • Has generous virtues.

In a large square

To manage everything.

Double thickness

For even more sweetness

In small square

The favorite

In between

For all other occasions

Love Bamboo