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Summer is here!

Make bamboo!

Bamboo will take care of everything

Bamboo sunglasses, natural, shine on it in summer.
Lionel loves the sun
A lovely and cheap basket this summer!
His beach basket
Garbage circle? no longer Leonore uses activated carbon soaked bamboo balls for deep cleaning and reuse. Yes, environmentally responsible behavior ✔️
For the smaller ones, Lionel has a soft bamboo glue: from birth, there are bamboos, which are very absorbent and hygienic. A quality suitable for an extended family. Today's action leads us to tomorrow
Be careful, be careful

Bamboo grass!

We think change is us!

This can improve our daily lives while respecting the environment.

It makes sense.
It is possible that a straw can surprise guests and make children happy!

100% plastic free
Bamboo, of course

In the washing machine, wash easily, with a brush.

Disinfect with a blender from time to time Bamboo doesn't care, it can bear everything.

Washable, reusable, lovely!

From straw to basket
Natural elegance!

Bamboo basket
Traditional hand knitting
The price of love!

From plant to fiber

Bamboo has different shapes

The virtuous circle of bamboo Converted to powder and then molded, the wood is completely degraded and therefore compostable.

Do you have any other bamboo fibers? Yes, wash the dishes for the baby
Click to see cute design

Leonore likes his coffee

This can improve our daily lives while respecting the environment.

It makes sense.
A trash can without a trash can!
There is a lot of plastic waste every day
  • Endure washing dishes
  • 100%
  • 100%compostable
  • lovely
  • Good idea

    Bamboo fiber, of course
fixed price!
Can I have a drink?

Don't you have time for tea?


Leonardo suggests that you tell your body about the heat around you. In the case of desert people, they drink tea in lead sunlight.
Maybe they shouldn't have disappeared like this
It's time to remember the good practices.
There is no reason not to accept new and old habits.

With bamboo and wood, more plastic waste, it's completely compostable.
(except for his lid)

Limited stock

(it's time to get ready)

This covering of bamboo fiber and cotton is so soft that it becomes soft.
With its lovely motivation, gentle and practical combination.

Leonore likes the trends of 2019: Ecology and accountability.
For the joy of the children and their beautiful mother Their father, too

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One day I

What if we start today?

Love of bamboo

Bamboo life is sweeter!