Double layer soft bamboo foam: 4 options.


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Hope for a soft double-layer covering

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70% bamboo and 30% cotton! Page: 1

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stay  Bamboo cotton fiberThis lovely blanket will conquer your heart! Take a walk in the pram, like a play blanket, or just walk in bed.

120 × 120 cm soft


✔️Lovely design
High quality ✔️ Antimicrobial agents ✔=65039 super absorbent
✔Incredibly sweet!


              Super soft covered bamboo foam for happy babies

    ✓Take a bath with a 40 degree machine

    ✓Bamboo fiber is antibacterial

    ✓The quality is twice that of cotton.

    ✓They are very absorbent

    ✓They are so soft that we won't get tired of them!

    ✓They're breathing

    ✓ They like us to walk around



    "Of course, we will try."


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    Time is light and harmonious with our values. It has a double-layer membrane.


    Bamboo is ecologically responsible

    ✔It doesn't need any pesticides or fertilizers

    ✔He cleared the soil

    ✔It's a powerful cleaner that absorbs a lot of carbon dioxide


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