A bamboo brings coffee to the office


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Are you tired of plastic cups? Page: 1

Take your bamboo!

Fill your tea or coffee as you like!

This is a perfect environmental friendly gift!

Zhu! Come on, let's go and eat bamboo
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    New design:

    One is because I like winter, the other is to avoid winter

    Make your choice!


    Material: bamboo fiber

    Cover and clipNo latex siloxane, no nitramine, no phthalate, no PVC


    From plant to fiber.

    A bamboo mug degrades completely, so it is compostable.
    Other things in bamboo fibers? Yes, baby dish sets.

    Why mainly bamboo?

    Bamboo is a material that has countless advantages:

    ✔“Its culture extends indefinitely.
    Bamboo multiplies by the roots thanks to its rhizomes, it is therefore an invasive plant that it is better to avoid planting in your garden: good luck to avoid the invasion (there are varieties which do not have this specificity. , these are the ornamental bamboos that we find at home).

    ✔️Bamboo grows quickly.
    Once its latency period has passed, it achieves an impressive growth rate, which can be up to 1 meter per day depending on the species.

    ✔️ Bamboo takes care of itself.
    Better still, it is a partner of choice, since it does not require no pesticides or fertilizers.

    ✔️Bamboo is a natural depolluting agent.
    Add to that the ability to fix four times as much carbon dioxide as trees, and release three times as much oxygen, and you've got a generous material that has it all, and that's why Leonore loves it!

    You too?


    Bamboo life is sweeter!

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