Bamboo Matcha spoon, different models to choose from


  • €11,60

From the delicate art of Matcha tea.

Use a dash of green powder with energizing and draining virtues, with this method you will only put in what you need. No more no less.

Allows to respect the delicacy of the powder, thanks to the bamboo specially studied for this use.

You use this accessory to create the special atmosphere that suits your ceremony.

Add water, then mix the brew with the Matcha brush specially designed for a ... fluid experience ... and with a light delicate foam!

And even if you don't like to overdo it, bamboo is ideal for long, lasting use ...


Because he is

  • inexhaustible
  • antibacterial
  • resistant
    Love BAMBOO, it's time to take the time to be aware.

Several models to choose from.

Bamboo guaranteed

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