Raw bamboo wood to better see the horizon. Bamboo of course.


  • €22,90



Bamboo for stylish and trendy sunglasses: they are so light that you don't feel them on your nose.

Thanks to their internal screw system, they stay on your nose without falling into it.

It's practical, Leonore has already adopted them!

Total width: 14 cm

Glass height:45mmWidth:53mm

Style:Romantic vintage

Glasses:UV400 (polaroid 1.1mmTAC), Photochromatic, Anti-Reflection, Polarized, UV400

Colors:orange, green, blue, tanned, gray.

Supplied with or without storage box: two models to choose from.

Practical and in bamboo too, of course!

Bamboo sunglasses, it's more chic to be in step with the times, to better see the horizon together.

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