For the happiness of children and parents There are several different reasons.


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Moselyn's Square Page: 1Bamboo

This gauze is very nice

She will be your companion for all your trips Baby loves her sweetness She's ideal

✔To play


✔=To cover

so what? Baby cake's absorbability, convenient tongue improvisation, comfortable sun protection, give the baby a sense of security, gently wrapped in this soft fabric.


From day one to day two to day three

  • Baby likes her sweetness, and because it contains bamboo fiber, he can bite it as much as possible! Page: 1

Great, so cute, we like bamboo! In addition, it is designed with its elegant pattern.

Which one do you choose?

"Leonore, it's like we love it!"

Size: 110x110cm

70% bamboo fiber

30% organic cotton

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