Set of 2 ultra-soft gauzes, 60x60cm, with adorable trendy patterns.


  • €15,90

The essential square of gauze!

Do you need a soft baby cloth?

For his burp, to prevent a dismissal, with this pretty square of bamboo muslin, you can draw / absorb / wipe! There you go, and it's over:)

This ultra absorbent muslin cloth will become the companion on all your travels. And who knows, maybe baby will adopt it as their favorite blanket!

Size: 60x60cm / in set of 2.


It is certain, like Leonore, we adore it and baby too. Let yourself be tempted by its trendy patterns ...

What's more, they are guaranteed eco-friendly, safe for babies!

Bamboo is the king of the organic. An inexhaustible material that does not need fertilizer to grow. It releases more oxygen than an ordinary tree and cleanses the soil with its roots.

Considered an invasive plant, used wisely, it becomes our everyday ally.





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