5 Mini moon bags ♡


  • €22,90

Moon Mini 5!

Comfort and efficiency.

✔️For a perfect hygiene ✔-=65039

...  ✔️And the earth


Five pack delivery 🎁 

Size:18 × 18 cmCM+9122; 1 single microfibril layer

new Button To fit your underwear.

During this time, like all of us, a soft towel that doesn't slide onto your underwear is ideal in light flowing conditions.

Lionel suggests you change the moon at noon so you can do it: bring a spare moon and fold your old moon and Zou! It's in that little bag That's it


This solution does not require a long cleaning time, after soaking in cold water to dissolve blood, you can use your moon to 40 degree washing machine to ensure its quality or hand wash.

It's better to use soft organic soap.

Bamboo is a very absorbent material and the towel is also suitable for a large amount of logistics. Of course, antibacterial agents, you will feel safe and avoid stench.

✓Easy to wash

✓ Rapid drying

Discrete comfort

It's time to learn from nature 🌙

Wash the moon before using it for the first time


Do a little action, reduce our plastic impact, avoid products full of bad chemistry, our intimate care.

It's time to take care of yourself and the earth!


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