MoonSoon Mini, your small but high-performance S.H.L.


  • €6,90

Mini S.H.L MoonSoon

For intimacy in harmony with the natural cycle of life:

Infused with Active Bamboo Coal, to achieve an incomparable quality of hygiene:

  • Ultra-soft
  • Ultra-easy cleaning
  • Ultra-absorbent (4 to 6 times more than cotton)
  • Ultra-pretty


  • 2 layers organic bamboo microfibers infused with bamboo activated charcoal.
  • 1 layer of waterproof, breathable PUL.

Size: Small (approximately 21.5 cm long by 16 cm wide)

Our MoonSoon are hand-stitched, the size can vary slightly from one model to another.

➪ Equipped with a double layer of microfibers, the mini MoonSoon is perfect for a daytime use during a normal stream.

➪ Your privacy is protected and dry. The Mini MoonSoon is also suitable for preventing overflows if you use a MoonCup.

➪ Perfectly suited for moderate incontinence, the MoonSoon mini makes you forget your worries and gives you a smile, in all circumstances.

You are right to opt for new habits even in the realm of intimacy.

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