Lot of 4 bamboo pads L, randomly selected patterns.


  • €31,70

MoonSoon Bamboo Pads, it's so easy to sleep easy.

You are concerned about environmental issues and you know that change is us?

Then you are right to opt for new habits even in the realm of intimacy.


When the flow is large, size counts! Ideal for the night, it clips on your panties, thanks to its three layers of bamboo microfibers infused with activated charcoal, you are comfortable.





Bamboo fibres also make washing easier: soak your MoonSoon in cold water, then wash at a maximum of 40 degrees with a mild soap. So your fibers retain their qualities. By hand, it washes very well, too.

Size: L - 30x19cm

Amount: 1 batch of 4 pieces and its practical bag.

The choice of designs is left to chance. If you have a special desire, you can share it with us by message! We'll take that into account

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