Matcha tea set, the elegance of tradition.


  • €17,90

Complete Matcha, Bamboo and Ceramic set.

For the love of tea: a breath of zenitude.

The art of Japanese tea: bamboo whisk and spoon, accompanied by its bowl and the receptacle for the whisk, both in porcelain.

A ceremony in its own right.

Whatever the moment, it's Bamboo time!

Different choices to discover.

Take your time. Love bamboo, infinitely.

        • Authentic bamboo whisk to mix your Matcha tea!
        • Whisk holder, ideal for keeping your whip in good condition and preventing it from deforming and thus prolonging its life.
        • Handcrafted ceramic bowl - 9.8cm in diameter, and 6cm in height.
        • Bamboo Matcha Spoon

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