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10 things that Leonore no longer throws away!

Posted by Aurelie on

10 things that Leonore no longer throws away!

Do we have to deprive ourselves of comfort to go into decay mode?

Léonore offers you to reduce your plastic impact and reduce your waste without decreasing your well-being.

1. Plastic straws

Plastic straws, who has never used them ?

For Lulu's birthday, Nana's cocktail party with the whole smala, or Jules ' Wedding, which Jim didn't attend.... Not to mention the bars and restaurants that, until recently, did not dare to do without.

Fortunately things are changing and the wind is turning: Vancouver, as some cities in the United States have already acted in this direction by banning straws in bars and restaurants. The European Parliament has also passed a law to limit the use of single-use plastic by 2021.

Shocking images and alarming figures underline it: plastic it was fantastic before, now the turtles are choking in it.

Bamboo as an alternative?

Leonore does not use straws daily, but to taste it for children, when Clara comes home, and in the fresh smoothie, it makes its effect!

Before discovering the bamboo straw, Leonore had simply banished them from her home, and explained to the children the why of the how:

1 billion straws are used every day, their impact on the environment is harmful and dangerous: 1 straw takes between 100 and 1000 years to disintegrate(to finish in micro-particles of plastic, which is not encouraging...).

In the days of our grandparents, we used straw from wheat to drink syrup in the summer. It is possible today thanks to joyful initiatives to rediscover this sensation of yesteryear.

With bamboo, Leonore makes them happy even longer:

Natural and without impact on the environment, there bamboo straw is a pleasant alternative, safe for health, soft in the mouth, it does not risk damaging the teeth of the little ones. It is easily washed with a small brush, and can easily be boiled from time to time. Its anti-bacterial wood meets your expectations in terms of hygiene.

It is classy and trendy, bamboo straw. And when she no longer holds up, zou! compost. Nature returns to nature. The cycle is perfect, there is no reason to deprive yourself of it.

Léonore will meet you tomorrow for a new adventure based on bamboo and without effect on the environment!


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