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For an ecology of the globalized mind.

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For an ecology of the globalized mind.

Lesser Reasons for Being of Léonore Adore

Before talking concretely about the benefits of the material, let us raise the philosophy behind the team led by Leonora.

We think intimately that a global economy Sensed Can co-exist with all parts of the world, without a priori. Indeed, our approach was born of the inherently contradictory nature of humanity. Our aim is to combine eco-responsible thinking with a globalised market, in order to provide lasting solutions to such challenges as ecology and poverty.

Thanks to innovative solutions that combine the knowledge millennia with all new technologies. We are convinced that this vision can create unexpected openings and significant changes, both in our habits, here in the West, and there, wherever, even at the other end of the world, in China why not. For we are united to reduce our negative impact and to have a spirit of cooperation and esteem that it is high time to welcome.


Bamboo mainly?


The bamboo has countless advantages.

Its cultivation extends indefinitely as it multiplies by the roots graces to its rhizomes. It is an invasive plantOnce its period of latency has passed, it reaches an impressive rate of growth, which can go as far as 1 m/day , which is not insignificant.

Better still, bamboo does not require any pesticides or fertilizers. Add to this a capacity to fix four times more carbon dioxide than the trees, and to release three times more oxygen, and you get a generous material that's all for it, and that's why Leonid loves him.

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