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A bag full of assets

Posted by Léonore Adore on

A bag full of assets

Bamboo Activated Carbon

A true gem available in abundance, it has commanded respect since antiquity, particularly in China and Asia, where it originated.
An everyday companion, it can even be found in the stalls as a snack!
..... Not yet in Léonore's shop!

At your service!

Bamboo charcoal, which, let's remember, comes from one of the plants with the best ecological balance, is uA real boss when it comes to bad odors: it purifies the air and regulates humidity. In your house, your car, your fridge, or even your shoes. It can also take care of improving the quality of tap water.

Which makes him a multi-repeat champion that we no longer want to do without.
In the bathroom, you can use it to freshen your breath, whiten your teeth, and simply take care of your oral hygiene.Widely used in cosmetics to purify the epidermis, it is also part of avant-garde textiles in the world of sport, where it is integrated with polyesters to create an anti-UV, anti-perspirant fabric over time. ultra-fast drying.

The qualities of charcoal once activated

Scientific experiments have revealed the secret of its therapeutic qualities: once activated, by a process combining heat and propulsion of water, it interacts with waves.electromagnetic by returning negative ions. Thus it neutralizes their impact on our nervous system, which has the consequence of protecting us from potentially harmful waves: it therefore has the reputation of having a positive impact on the morale of the troops and of avoiding migraines!
Nothing to say, we love it!
Thank you Leonore

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