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One moon after another

Posted by Aurelie on

One moon after another

One moon after another

Leonore Adores

Bamboo is his assets, even in the panties.

Every month it starts again, and Leonore is still surprised.

It happens that she feels a distance between herself and the world, between her and her gestures, between her and her.

One shift, one step aside. Not quite there, without it being elsewhere or present to something else. No.

Simply an impression that holds her back.

That day she strives, she forces herself a little, and then sometimes she remembers: she counts the days, looks at the moon, and she smiles:

They are the ones who come back, in order and it is not necessarily nothing. The body is busy and the mind wanders with it. Variations of tones and mood while inside, it is a nest that Unties.

On the other hand, too busy looking for where she is, she forgets, and it is a tinted stain that reminds her of her reality: an entire cycle has passed and the blood is present....


Are you also different these days?

Differently self, adorably woman

Let's take the time to listen to ourselves, the body also has things to tell us, even if others do not want to hear anything.

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